Dan Root presents a photographic exhibition

Root Photography is proud to be a vendor at the 2023 Colorado Dragon Boat Festival happening at Sloan’s Lake Park, Denver, on July 22nd and 23rd. See an exhibition of B&W images of ancient Buddhas, tuk-tuks, and Chinese figures taken in Bangkok and Ayutthaya, Thailand.

“In late 2019 I shot 10 rolls of B&W film with my 1960’s rangefinder camera, on a three-week trip to Thailand with my wife.  We marveled at the intricate Buddhas and sculptures at the temples in Bangkok by day, and took hair-raising tuk-tuk rides through the chaotic traffic at night.  A 2-hour ride on a public train took us north to the city of Ayutthaya, the historic 14th century capitol of Siam.  The square mile of the historic center is filled with temple ruins and the ancient remains of stone buddhas, most without their heads.” – Dan

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